8 Crafts To Try Based On Your Personality

Just like anything, I believe crafting is for everyone, but the trick is to pick the right craft. I’m a firm believer in the healing and therapeutic effect of crafting, and I recommend that everybody try it just to feel great about themselves; finding the right craft at the right time can transform your life.

It’s not just about your personality — sometimes it’s about what you want to make, what you want to achieve, how much money it costs and the availability of space. So, let me help you pick the perfect crafting match for you because each crafting activity has its unique benefits and challenges.


1. NeedlecraftsTry it if: you’re detail-oriented, you appreciate miniatures and love getting hooked on long-term projects and slow progress. Then you totally should try needlecrafts.

If you like classic artwork or pixel art, then cross stitching is for you. If you like drawing, but with floss, or if you appreciate floral art, then your thing is embroidery.

Needlework is very affordable and doesn’t require big storage spaces.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

2. Clay crafts

Try it if: you have magical hands and an excellent eye for detail.

Modeling or sculpting doesn’t have to be complicated, you can always try polymer clay — it comes in a variety of colors and has outstanding results (there are lots of other types of clay you can try working with as well). It’s not that hard, especially for a beginner, but like any craft, it’ll need persistence and the will to master this art.

And if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, pottery is also an excellent choice for a beginner. It works like magic for clearing your head, not to mention that it doesn’t take much time because the whole idea is to be fast with your hands. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive craft besides it needs a specific space, but the good news is you can always find workshops offering the device for anyone who would like to practice.

Source: Farm Pottery

3. Easy crafts

Try it if: you’re impatient and/or you want fast and affordable crafts, or if you’re just playing and want to make something that doesn’t require detail or focus.

If you’re a beginner and are feeling overwhelmed by big projects or learning a new craft, then you should try paper crafts (scrapbooking, collage, decoupage), candle-making, cake decorating, etc.

Just take a look at Pinterest, and you’ll find very simple ideas that are totally affordable and not time-consuming.

4. Machine crafts

Try it if: you’re dedicated and have money to spend.

Sewing and quilting are beautiful crafts, but not easy to begin — you might need assistance at first to guide you on how to start using the machine, and how to cut and read the patterns. It also might need extra space and overall it’s kind of an expensive craft.

Source: Foothills

Sewing doesn’t always need a machine, some projects look prettier with a hand-stitching finish.

5. Yarn Crafts

Source: Knit Society

Try it if: you love scarves, hats, socks and all knitted/crocheted products, and/or you tend to have problem-solving skills and a careful eye. Also if you’re looking for projects to keep you busy for awhile but not too big — maybe to get done within a week, and finally if you’re ok with doing the math and counting stitches, and also following a pattern.

Crochet is easy to start; knitting is a bit harder in the beginning and takes much more time but the result of knitting is way more sophisticated. It doesn’t take much space if you have a drawer or two to spare.

Crochet and knitting can come in handy if you like to wear 100% wool/cotton or want to make a specific design. The tools you need are affordable but not cheap, and you can always teach yourself and acquire the know-how.

Source: EnvatoTuts+

7. Accessories

Try it if: you’re a  beginner, or want to make something with your kids.

It doesn’t need much space or time (just a separated box) and it’s also affordable. There is a room for creativity if you have it in you, and it’s very rewarding when you get to renew your outfits with complementing items.

Source: MyChelle

8. Recycling

Try it if: you can’t afford to buy materials, you have tons of old things that you would like to renew or reuse, or if you’re a tree-hugger — then recycling is the right craft for you.

Recycling also needs a creative mind, to be able to imagine and design jeans as a home decor item, or an old tire as a new puff chair.

Source: Useful DIY

Finally, I’d advise you not to judge any craft without even trying to finish a project first. You also need to find your motive and your call. I remember judging crochet harshly and now after some trials and failures I eventually fell in love!

I urge you to start by finding a super small project to start working on: you’ll discover yourself and definitely will find yourself in the most unexpected places.

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