Make your Own Curtains for Beginners

Sewing curtains yourself isn’t all that hard, on the contrary, it’s quite the project for someone who is just starting to learn how to sew. If you are a beginner or if the sewing machine intimidates you, this is your chance to get over it and challenge this fear. For me, sewing (and other handicrafts) are a lifestyle, and I learned everything I now make just by challenging myself, my abilities and make my own home decoration piece by piece just by myself.

Today, I’m going to teach you how you can easily make a modern and simple curtain to revamp your home. That curtain will look pretty on your window and will always make you feel proud every day just by looking at it.

Tools and materials needed:

In addition to the fabric, you gonna need a sewing machine, matching colored sewing thread, scissors, pins, curtain tape, a ruler and an iron.

difficulty level:

beginner. (all you need is to be able to use the sewing machine and sew in straight lines)

How to estimate the yardage:

You could follow the following instructions, but if you found that complicated, please don’t hesitate to ask an expert at the fabric shop.

A curtain is usually made of two pieces, the width for each side depends on the design; it could be super full, then just decorating the sides or has normal fluffs. And regarding length, it can be floor length or just covering the window. So you need to settle on a design before you start.

It’s advisable to make the width 2-3 times the window’s width, if you need full curtains, but maybe less if it was just a secondary curtain or just a lining layer.

Example: If the desired curtain should be floor length, with medium fluff.

Window width = 200 cm – window length = 100 cm – Length from curtain rod to floor = 250cm

Then here is how to calculate the yardage:

Width of each side of the curtain = 200 *2 /2 = 200+2.5 for seam allowance = 202.5 cm for each side

length = 250+5 seam allowance = 255cm

What you need is 405 cm * 255 cm piece total for a single window


  • After cutting the fabric based on the right measurements, you need to hem the selvage edge, using your iron first before sewing the hem.

  • Measure 2.5 cm from each side and hem the sides to have a clean and straight curtain.

  • Then at the top edge of the curtain, measure 2.5 cm, iron and sew it. 

  • Repeat the same step for the bottom hem, iron and then sew. If the curtain is a little longer you can hem it from the bottom edge. Just make sure it’s not too long or too short.

  • It’s time to attach the curtain tape at the top edge, attach it first with pins and then secure it very carefully from all sides.

  • Now you got yourself a new handmade curtain. It’s time to set back and enjoy your new window treatment, proudly.

Do you know how to wind your sewing machine bobbin? If not check it out here

For the arabic version of this tutorial, check this link


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